Socio Economic Profile of Rural Ladies and the Part of Pet Husbandry Treatment in a Suicide Affected District of Kerala

 Socio Economic Profile of Rural Women and the Function of Dog Husbandry Intervention in a Suicide Affected District of Kerala Essay

В© Kamla-Raj 2009J Hum Ecol, 27(1): 41-44 (2009)

Socio Economical Profile of Rural Ladies and the Role of Dog Husbandry Intervention in a Suicide Affected Area of Kerala

P. Reeja George*, C. N Dinesh1, Shibu Simon1 and G. P. Balakrishnan1

*Department of Veterinary and A. They would Extension, 1Department of Creature Breeding and Genetics, College or university of Vet and Creature Sciences, Pookot Wayanad 673 576 Kerala, India

KEYWORDS Socio-economic Account. Rural Girls. Animal Husbandry Intervention. Player Suicide

ABSTRACT There have been studies of farmer suicides in the Wayanad region in the south Indian point out of Kerala and a study was taken on to assess the socio economic profile of rural women and explore the possible part of dog husbandry through this district. Three taluks in Wayanad district were purposively selected from where a total of 103 ladies from home help organizations functioning under the government subsidized poverty removal programme had been selected at random. Data was collected by using a pre examined interview routine in March 2006. Nearly one third of respondents mentioned that their primary career was cultivation with some creature husbandry element. Availability of latrine, type of roof and walls of residence, as well as household source of drinking water were the three variables which used in this study to determine the quality of life with the sample population. Nearly 12-15 per cent of ladies did not have got separate latrine facilities prove homestead and nearly eight per cent occupied make shift houses. Over fifty percent of the respondents were in the age group 25 – 35 years and their common yearly income was reported by them to become Rs 3768. Over three fourths (75. 7%) of the households kept livestock along with seeds. The conventional paper emphasizes the importance of exploring alternate job and salary generating actions such as creature husbandry to be able to improve the appartenente economic conditions of these girls since the family background factors have a vital role in the progress personality traits in children that could affect top quality of human being capital in the future generation with the district.


Set on the Western Ghats and the Deccan Plateau, Wayanad district of Kerala state once boasted of a flourishing economy. However , during the last ten years or so, there has been a downturn in the prices of most in the agricultural items. The rustic crisis provides resulted in over 300 player suicides inside the district (The Hindu, November 2006). The reverberations of this crisis have been felt in any way levels in Wayanad society. Thousands of people have already been reported to become crossing to neighboring declares in search of salary labor and thousands of children are dropping away from school simply because there parents cannot afford to fund their education. (The Hindu, Dec, 2005 and January 2005). Females in culture often endure the brunts of improvements that result from their society. It is with this context that the investigation within their socio- economy as well as the feasible animal husbandry interventions which have been feasible in regards to study presumes significance.


For the purpose of the current study, the three taluks in Wayanad region were purposively selected Viz Sultan Bathery, Vythiri and

Manathavady. A total of 103 girls from personal help groups functioning beneath Kudumbasree, the State Poverty Eradication Programme had been selected randomly from these kinds of three taluks. Data was collected using a pre examined interview schedule in March 2006.


a. Socio-economic Profile of Respondents

Evaluation of data revealed that nearly a third (32 per cent) of respondents suggested that their particular primary profession was farming with some pet husbandry aspect while just over thirty ten per cent mentioned that creature hus- bandry along with agriculture being a minor compo- nent was their main occupation. 25 per cent of respondents were...

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