Investigatory Task: Gauss Rifle

 Investigatory Task: Gauss Gun Essay

The Gauss Rifle:

A Magnetic Linear Accelerator

Macalino, D. Meters. D.

Magpantay, J. Meters.

Recto, My spouse and i. J.

Reyes, R.

Francisco, P. Sixth is v.

4 – 5 Zatti IDT 5

In incomplete fulfilment for the requirement in Physics

Add Bosco Technical Institute – Makati

SY 2011-2012

Ms. April M. Cruz

Analysis Adviser

Section I – Introduction

My spouse and i. Background of the Study

It absolutely was either the Chinese and also the Greeks who have discovered the properties of lodestone, which usually " include magnetite, an all-natural magnetic materials Fe304" (Jezek, 2006). This dated to the initial century, B. C. in the writings of Lucretius and Pliny the Elder, by which he says the " magical capabilities of magnetite. " Years following, magnetite had been noticeable with superstitious feelings of possessing " magical power, such as the capacity to heal the sick, frighten evil mood and catch the attention of and break down ships created from iron! " (Jezek, 2006). Magnets " attract paper clips, nails and other items made of iron" (Giancoli, 1998).

Johann Gauss, born April 30th, 1777, was a guy or great accomplishment. Beginning at the age of eight, " his potential was noticed practically immediately. His teacher and assistant had been amazed once Gauss summed the integers from 1 to 75 instantly" (O'Connor and Robertson, 1996). Gauss built a magnetic observatory, completed in 1833 to observe magnetic declination. Gauss died in the sleep about February 23rd, 1855.

2. Statement with the Problem

The objective of this test is to find out the relationship between spacing of the magnets in a Gauss Gun and the velocity of the previous ball, and use it to determine the maximum velocity that could be achieved.

III. Significance in the Study

It is important for all of us to know whether the spacing in-between magnets would affect the total velocity from the last ball. This will give us accurate measurements to improve the speed of the ball.

IV. Scope and Limits

The project will probably be conducted to get a period of at most of the 2 several weeks. Neodymium magnets and stainlesss steel balls were used in the study. The researchers is going to incur a total expenditure of Php several, 000. 00 which will have got covered the expenses about buying the magnets and the tennis balls. The project will be executed in a significant room to aid get correct measurements with no obstructions. The experiment will consist of 3 trials per number of magnetic stages and obtaining its average. Any observation on the differences in their speed will be registered.

Chapter II – Overview of Related Books

Forces of magnets can " be possibly attractive or perhaps repulsive and is felt even if the magnets don't touch" (Giancoli, 1998), which is a crucial part of the Gauss Rifle. Gauss Rifles will be linear accelerators, by which " the kinetic energy of the ball is used in the magnet, and then to the balls touching it" (Field). We believe there is a correlation between the quantity and space of the magnets and the final velocity with the last ball. In addition , an experiment assessment the effect of magnet space in Gauss Rifles indicated that " the velocities increased because the space decreased" (Davis, 2003). This specific experiment was done " by tests spaces between 5 and 13 cms. " (Davis, 2003)

Section III -- Methodology

I actually. Materials

вћў 4 Magnets

вћў 12 Nickel-Plated Metal Balls

вћў Wooden, Plastic-type, or Aluminium Rods/Dowels

вћў Wood Stuff

вћў Scotch Tape

вћў Cutter

вћў Shoe Field

вћў Fine sand (2 cups)

вћў Tape measure (Metric)

вћў Ruler

вћў Table in a huge room

вћў Calculator

2. General Method

1 . Create a rail or slide simply by gluing solid wood, plastic, or perhaps aluminium rods/dowels placed alongside 2 . Put the slide available and put a magnet around the slide, near one end....



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