Information Gathering for Business Analysis

 Essay about Information Gathering for Business Evaluation

Details gathering and Accounting/Business approaches

Information gathering

Lucky Bare cement is listed on Karachi Stock exchange therefore receiving information was never really a big problem. Since primary data LCL's site was a big source of information personally, but I had developed to consider other extra sources just like company's total annual reports, magazine, internet and so on to make my own analysis even more comprehensive We used the following secondary sources to gather my own information which enabled myself to get the broad view of Lucky Cement's Business and it allowed me to to make a better analysis of Lucky Cement's Performance.

Gross annual Reports and Books

Lucky Cement's annual reports for many years 2008-2010 supplied me with a bulk of details which I quickly got them from Karachi Stock Exchange a company's annual reports happen to be undoubtedly probably the most important sources of information. The annual statement includes provider's financial claims which allowed me to in examining the economic performance simply by finding the accounting ratios and then commenting for the ratios styles and moves. I employed the annual reports of D. G. Khan Cement Company for years 2008-2010 which provided me with thorough knowledge for comparing the results and evaluating functionality with the LCL.

Books by BPP and FTC marketers for ACCA papers of F7, F9, P2 and P5 were helpful to myself in performing my evaluation and well guided me thoroughly. I contacted books in preparing my research and analysis task they presented me specialized as well as low technical expertise.

Newspaper and Internet

In addition to the company's internet site, I as well visited web sites of Karachi Stock Exchange ( and All Pakistan Cement Companies Association ( all these websites helped me to retrieve the recent media of Lucky Cement. The use of internet was very essential in making my business and financial evaluation of LCL. I got the info regarding current profile and history of the organization by visiting the website. I actually used search engines like google in order to get necessary details.

The content articles and editorials from Organization Recorder paper and DAYBREAK newspaper ( kept me personally informed regarding the performance of the LCL and also with latest revisions from the cement industry just like for at the. g. the share value movements, breakthroughs in the enterprise etc . Paper was likewise helpful in rendering me relevant Information, different analysis and articles which in turn helped me in making relevant conclusions.

Limitations info Gathering

There have been different constraints while gathering information to get my exploration and analysis project. The annual reports from the business website reflected the past efficiency of the firm, but did not provide data regarding how the company is going to operate in the foreseeable future. Using business models can be described as helpful technique in studying the sector and its environment but there was insufficient data available on you can actually website. Huge organisation just like Lucky Bare cement requires a immense amount of time in so that it will prepare a great analysis it absolutely was very time consuming to form the required and relevant data. The data accumulated from several websites may be out dated there is a possibility of misleading and unreliability of information. The articles by newspapers and magazines available on the net were occasionally not current frequently in addition several websites required account fees to get the information furthermore the Information from Wikipedia was allowed by its users to get edited.

Ethical Problems

During the research work I avoided the use of data without the full reference and tried to make certain that referencing towards the available supply of data is carried out I had to handle ethical issues while gathering information, info which was forbidden by copyright laws for newsletter was just used as a reading materials as it is made up of both ethical and legal...



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