Organisational Theory

 Organisational Theory Essay

Assignment 1 – Part B – Organisational Theory

Efficiency design can be defined as achieving the organisation's goals through changing and constructing the structure of these organisation (Robbins & Barnwell 2002). Efficiency environment can be explained as the conditions that could potentially effect the business (Robbins & Barnwell 2002). The purpose of this essay is always to explore and critically review British Petroleum (BP) from the modernist and symbolic interpretive perspectives. This essay will likely consider not simply the efficiency design of BP but likewise the impact their external environment has on all of them, while likewise exploring just how BP provides impacted around the environment. Upon 26 Might, 1908, what was then the Anglo-Persian Oil Firm founded their first oil. In 1954 the company was renamed to British Petroleum. BP are operating in over 85 countries all over the world and comes with an estimated eighty five, 900 personnel worldwide (BP 2013). Inside the early 1990's, John Browne transformed BP from a dying organization into the world's second most significant oil huge (Bower 2010). Organisational designs comprise of several structures that are applicable in order to organisations. Post industrial design and style is exactly where organisations approach away from top to bottom hierarchies and focus more on network communications (Hatch & Cunliffe 2006). BP had lowered its avenues from 11 to 4 in the late 1980's, this showing an initiative in changing their style from that in the past (Grant and Cibin 1996). Networks encourage info exchange between members of the organisation (Hatch & Cunliffe 2013). BP had recently developed a network technique which allowed managers and employees to share information as it was acknowledged that to be successful against other companies, info needed to be shared and shown on to get different opinions (Siddall, Willey & Tavares 1992). BP also employed the network strategy having its environmental plan by using independent climate groups (Kolk & Levy 2001). In employing these actions BP could move into the post professional design and perhaps gain a competitive advantage among opponents.

Efficiency environment is made up of a range of important ideas relating to the modernist and symbolic interpretive perspectives. One of many very powerfulk theories produced by modernists is the environmental backup theory. Can burn and Stalker theorised the organisations who work best will be those that can generate successfully using common procedures to execute routine activities, these organisations are regarded as mechanistic. However , organic organisations tend to be more successful when the environment is constantly changing as they support adaption and innovation (Hatch & Cunliffe 2013). Between the environmental contingency theory there are other ideas that try to assist in describing the environment. One particular concept staying isomorphism, this describes which the complexity from the environment shows the difficulty of the company (Hatch & Cunliffe 2006). BP attemptedto generate performance by utilising outside authorities to gain a variety of opinions and so they were at less likelihood of institutionalising one particular viewpoint (Kolk & Levy 2001), this kind of created effectiveness by preventing BP reproducing pervious actions which perhaps resulted in loss in competitiveness. Source dependency theory developed by Pfeffer and Salancik is another modernist approach to the organisational environment. This theory explains that organisations happen to be dependent on their environmental methods and as the environment is the way to obtain survival and existence intended for the company, their environment holds a great deal of power over these organisations. The nearby environment creates pressure within the organisations to perform competitively and efficiently to be able to survive amidst other organisations and the environment itself, in case the organisation basically willing to change, it will acquire left behind (Hatch & Cunliffe 2013). In relation to this...



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