Controversy Over Animal Exploration

 Controversy More than Animal Exploration Essay

The Controversy Over Animal Research

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Katelyn Shere

Pet research will always be a very controversial subject in the veterinary discipline and also in the general public. Most people that are against it are merely uneducated about all of the facets of animal exploration and the large importance of it. The most significant menace against creature research is the business called PETA. Yet, the president of PETA is an insulin dependent diabetic. I am sure the president of PETA is ignorant that without dog research, there wouldn't be insulin on her behalf to use. Like a veterinary technician personally, research about animals appears to be against almost everything I believe in. In all reality, I have viewed the facts in many different content articles and it is extremely evident the importance of exploration on pets or animals. It has brought about numerous life changing medical break throughs in the human medical field and also the veterinarian medical field. The most significant breakthroughs have been completely with vaccines and viral infections, remedies and bacterial infections, cancer, genetic diseases, autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, asthma, alzheimer's disease, epilepsy, and lastly vet medicine. Analysis obtained through an animal patient has led to many different vaccines and treatments of viruses in humans. The main reason that the cases of smallpox, polio, mumps, and measles have been diminished over time is due to experiments on animals. Smallpox has faded in kids now a days because of the vaccine that was developed by using calves and than analyzed on pets to make sure it was safe to get humans. The vaccination pertaining to polio that was discovered in the fifties by using apes has salvaged millions of lives. AIDS is yet another viral contamination that eliminates humans yearly. According to significantly Ill intended for Medical Study (SIMR), " Already more than 150 prescription drugs exist and/or under advancement and 13 potential vaccines are being developed” for AIDS. (SIMR, 2000). Antibiotics used for bacterial infections such as pneumonia, typhoid, cholera, scarlet fever, and legionnaires disease have all been found out because of tests on pets. Javier Burgos, president from the Nature of Wellness firm, disagrees using aspects of dog research. This individual makes a wonderful point when he states, " Asprin eliminates cats and penicillin gets rid of guinea domestic swine. Yet, a similar guinea domestic swine can properly eat strychnine-one of the deadliest poisons for humans, however, not for monkeys. Sheep may swallow substantial quantities of arsenic-once the murderers' beloved poison. Potassium cyanide, deadly for human beings, is safe for the owl. ” (Burgos, 2000). Cancer kills millions almost everywhere each year. The usage of an animal model led to the discovery of both radiotherapy and radiosurgery and chemotherapy. During radiotherapy, radiation triggers the tumor to reduce in size with out doing to much harm to the rest of the individuals body. Chemotherapy is a mixture of drugs that stop and kill the tumor via dividing and causing more cancer cellular material. Hodgkins disease is numerous leading types of malignancies that kills people day-to-day. Patients with Hodgkins disease, without any treatment will always perish but as a result of animal study they are now capable of being treated. Relating to SIMR, " Today 6 from every 10 kids that develop leukaemia could be cured and overall some out of 10 people who develop cancer are now treated. Twenty years ago, the number was a couple of out of 10. ” (SIMR, 2000). The facts themselves prove that pet research is absolutely essential in treating and possibly finding a cure to tumor in the future. In the current society, genetic diseases are getting to be a bigger concern because of the fresh technologies that can detect it early on. Conditions mouse features contributed new knowledge regarding human genes because of the commonalities between the two....

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