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 Essay in Annotated Script for the storyline of Stuff

Story Of Stuff, Referenced and Annotated Script By Annie Leonard

Do you have one of those? I got a little obsessed with my very own, in fact I acquired a little captivated with all my products. Have you ever wondered in which all the stuff we buy originates from and where it should go when we chuck it out.? My spouse and i couldn't quit wondering about this. So I seemed it up. And what the text books stated is that the stuff simply moves along these levels: extraction to production to distribution to consumption to disposal. As a whole, it's named the components economy. Well, I looked at it a bit more. In fact , I actually spent a decade traveling the earth tracking exactly where our products comes from and where this goes. one particular And you really know what I found away? That is not the whole story. You will find a lot absent from this justification. For one thing, this method looks like it's fine. No problem. But the truth is it's a system in crisis. As well as the reason it can be in turmoil is that it is just a linear system and we live on a limited planet and you can not run a linear program on a finite planet consistently. 2 Every single step as you go along, this system is usually interacting with the real world. In actual life it's not really happening on a blank light page. Is actually interacting with societies, cultures, economies, the environment. And all along the way, it's bumping up against limits. Restrictions we may see here because the picture is imperfect. So let's go back through, let's fill in some of the blanks and see exactly what is missing. Well, one of the most important matters that is lacking is people. Yes, persons. People live and work all along this system. And some people with this system subject a little more than others; some have more say. Who have are they? Very well, let's begin with the government. At this point my friends3 tell me I should use a reservoir to symbolize the government and that's the case in many countries and increasingly in our own, afterall more than 50 percent of our government tax funds is now see the military4, yet I'm using a person to represent the government because I hold true to the vision and values that governments must be of the people, by the persons, for the people. 1 Genuinely, I did. My spouse and i worked for Greenpeace International, GAIA, Health Care Without Damage, Global Greengrants, and Necessary Information from 1988 – 2006. During this time period, I was luckily enough to travel to above 35 countries, mostly visiting factories and dumps. This kind of travel, looking into toxic sites and talking with people in impacted communities, provided myself with direct experience and massive empirical evidence on the issues covered inside the Story of Stuff. a couple of Special due to Dr . Paul Connett for articulating this kind of truth so clearly over the years. A special nod to Gopal Dayaneni to get first recommending using a container. Total Items (Federal Funds): $2, 387 billion; ARMED FORCES: 51% and $1, 228 billion; nonmilitary: 49 % and $1, 159 billion from " Where your earnings Tax Cash Really Will go: US Federal Budget 08 Fiscal Season Pie Chart, ” War Resisters League: http://www. warresisters. org/piechart. htm

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It's the government's job is to beware of us, to deal with us. That is their task. 5 After that along came the corporation. At this point, the reason the corporation looks greater than the authorities is that the corporation is bigger than the government. Of the 90 largest economies on earth today, 51 will be corporations. 6th As the corporations have become in size and power, we have seen a little change in the federal government where they're a little more concerned in making sure everything is working out for anyone guys than for us. six OK, so let's see what different is lacking from this picture


We're going start with extraction which is a expensive word to get natural source exploitation the industry fancy word for trashing the planet. What this looks just like is we all chop down trees, we blow up mountain range to get the alloys inside, we all use up all the water and that we wipe out the animals. So here we are running up against each of our first limit. We're running out of resources. almost eight We are using...



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