An Description on Why Romeo and Juliet Werent in Love

An Description on Why Romeo and Juliet Weren't in Love

“Romeo and Juliet:” Star-Crossed Lovers?

After reading Shakespeare´s “Romeo and Juliet” I noticed a thing that everybody must had observed: their immaturity. Romeo and Juliet see each other and quickly fall in love. The very next day they get married and two days from then on they die for each and every other. I feel that nobody is with the capacity of doing such factor for an individual you have significantly less than a weeek of being aware of. The haste of the play is normally what shocked me the virtually all. I really don´t really know what Shakespeare was attempting to transmit through it. Probably he was warning persons so they could consider decissions more calmly, or possibly he was striving to critizice the youth of this time. What I know about “Romeo and Juliet” is usually that these were not really in take pleasure in, and that fate didn’t play a huge role in their lives.

The main reason for this paper is normally to make clear why weren’t Romeo and Juliet in love. I think that love is something incredibly simple to feel, but once you are feeling it it turns challenging. What I know for certain is that no one can fall in love simply by seeing someone. It may be called love initially sight by many, but I don’t have confidence in that. That's called physical attraction. Love a thing that grows inside as time passes. If Romeo and Juliet had resided on and become familiar with the other person well, what could possibly be the odds of these staying together? No one can love another person if they don’t genuinely know each other. Often what we feel initially isn't real, because emotions can trick us. Lucy


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