A Information of the Storyline of the Judgement of Solomon in Jerusalem

A Explanation of the Account of the Judgement of Solomon in Jerusalem

King Solomon, son to David was a guy of great wisdom. Regarding to I Kings in the Holy Bible, Solomon received his wisdom from God for the intended purpose of ruling over Israel. Solomon was simply a boy, but was charged to get King when his dad David died. When enough time drew next to for David to die, he gave fee to Solomon his child (I Kings 2:1). God asked Solomon was presently there anything he needed, and Solomon answered therefore give your servant a discerning heart and soul to govern your persons and distinguish between right and incorrect (I Kings 3:9). God then granted Solomon wisdom and said, I am going to provide you with a wise discerning heart, in order that there will never have already been anyone as if you nor will there ever before be (I Kings 3:12).

The story of the Judgement of Solomon occurred in a city called Jerusalem and, within the palace of King Solomon. In the environment of the story, two women regarded as prostitutes came to start to see the King. The first woman told King Solomon how she and the additional woman both lived together and both got a boy. She also continues on to inform the King that one night the different woman lay on her behalf child and killed him; nevertheless, this same female took the living boy and claimed him as hers. The other girl explained, No! The living a single is my boy; the dead one is normally yours (I Kings 3:22). After hearing the plea of both women, King Solomon advised his servants to get him a sword, and the solution is always to cut the baby in two.


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