A Character Research of the Hit Video "THE WEB"

A Character Research of the Hit Video "THE WEB"

Robin Yamaguchi

Math 13

March 21, 1999

Rene Descartes

In the recent hit movie The Net, the type played out by Sandra Bullock features her identification erased. Everyone doubted her living. This was not, however, the 1st time someone's living was questioned. In the early on 17th century a philosopher, who's named Descartes, questioned his own presence. His life was focused on the founding of a philosophical and mathematical program where all sciences were coherent. Descartes was created in 1596 in Touraine, France. His education contains attendance to a Jesuit college of La Fleche. He studied a liberal arts software which emphasized philosophy, the humanities, science, and math. Then continued to the University of Poitiers where he graduated in 1616 with a law degree. Descartes also dished up as a volunteer in a number of several armies to broaden his horizons.

After all of Descartes' review and contemplation of math and science, he made a decision to look for a single principle unquestionably which to build knowledge. His purpose in lifestyle became the production of a metaphysical theory that could prove the mathematical real truth he previously found. His analytical system of uncertainty led him to question everything on earth. He finally reached the final outcome that everything could be doubted aside from one thing, his own presence. Even this is called into question and found accurate. Descartes rationalized that by doubting his individual existence, he was considering. If he was pondering, then he should be existing. Then he contemplated whether he


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